The Upper School project prioritizes environmental sustainability – both the building itself and its operational features – a value that is consistent with the school’s history, ethos, and values. I am proud to report that the New Upper School Building will be the first “Salmon Safe” school, the first “Passive House” school in the West, and one of the first “Net Zero Energy” schools in the nation.

“A real-life environment where school is as thrilling as the world – and more understandable.”
- Helen Taylor Bush
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The Bush School’s Commitment to Sustainability October 2018

As a school community, we believe we have a moral and ethical obligation for the preservation and care of the natural, non-human world. We will use a lens of environmental sustainability as new buildings are designed and constructed, new programs are conceived, and as the school culture evolves.

We recognize that this is a process and that resources may limit our ability to fully implement every idea and best practice in this moment, but we will continue to strive for making our campus and planet a safer place for our students and the natural world.

One of our four educational foundations is “ethical judgement and action.” As a guide for the future, our work is based in three primary areas: People, Program and Place as defined in our strategic plan. The Bush School has fostered a strong sense of Place through its deep roots in the Seattle community, its commitment to place-based learning, and its outdoor education program. As we continue to grow our program, our campus, and our school, it is the right time to exercise “ethical judgement and action” regarding our relationship to the environment.

May 16, 2022 New Building Opening

On May 16, 2022, K-12 students migrated up to the Upper Campus to celebrate the opening of the New Upper School Building. Following a blessing of the building from Duwamish

March 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

February was another busy month. While the city-wide concrete strike continued, the team was able to divide-up the remaining concrete work into smaller pours allowing work to continue in these

February 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

The concrete strike continued-on through the month of January, but great progress continued on the project. Inside the building, the Exxel team applied finish paint colors, rolled-out carpet, and installed

January 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

December was a busy month, despite the holidays, snow days, and on-going King County concrete strike. Metal siding and roofing finished up on the outside of the building and install