The New Upper School Building opened to students and faculty on May 16, 2022. Take a look inside the building through the photos and video below.

We remain grateful to everyone who has donated their treasure, time, and talent to advance the vision for the New Upper School Building.

As with all previous campus improvement efforts, this project was made possible thanks to the families listed below who contributed gifts that were combined with financing to cover the project costs.

The Agyekum Adjei Family
The Akidau Family
John ’90 and Alicia Alberg
Emily ’94 and Aaron Alhadeff
Joelle and Loren ’97 Alhadeff
Chap and Eve Alvord
Elias ’93 and Karyl Alvord
Roxana Arama and Tracy Sharpe
Kevin and Julia Baker
The Bali Family
The Banks Family
James and Emily Barrett
The Bonaccorsi Bennion Family
The Behnke Family
The Belknap Family
Robin E. Bentley
Tim and Wendy Besse
Beth Birnbaum and Barney Harford
The Birzell Family
Craige Blackmore
Jabe Blumenthal and Julie Edsforth
Gretchen Boehm and Jason Eglit ’90
Christina Brinker
Julie Bryan
The Bryan Family
Cassie and Jim Carroll
Lisa Carroll and Arnaud Gautier
Siobhan and Darrell Cavens
Angela and Christian Chabot
The Chickadel Family
Chick and Diane Chickadel
Sergio Chin-Ley and Anna Rèche
Beth A. Clark
The Conover Thrussell Family
The Jamal Crawford Foundation
The Cundiff Family
Adam ’86 and Jennifer ’87 Czeisler
The D’Amelio Family – Victoria, Desiree ’05, Ariel ’07 and Melody ’13
The David Family Chris, Leslie ’85, Justin ’11, and Katie ’14
Beverly and Greg DiMartino
Jerry Dunietz and Laurie Minsk
The Ederer Family
Peter and Sharlee Eising
Stephanie Ellis-Smith and Douglas Smith
Juliet English ’86 and Bradley Delahunty
Eric and Kelly Fahlman
The Fernandes Family
The Finch Family
Barbra Richardson and Kent Fisher
Irene and Albert Fisher
The Fredlund Family
The Freise Family
The Gadre Family
Mike Galgon
The Garrett Eriksen Family
The Gillespie/Stansbury Family
The Glaser Family
The Goel Family
The Gow Family
The Guzak Family
Salone Habibuddin
The Harr Family
Geoff and Erin Harris
Patti Hearn and Morva McDonald
The Hefta-Gaub Family
The Vorhes Hufnagel Family
Jamila Humphrie, Ph.D.
Sharon Hurt
Jo Ito and Ali Stewart-Ito
David Jeschke and Kim Rush*
Mimi John
Linda and Ted Johnson
The Johnson-Saha Family
Molly and Brandon Judge
Fadi Khuri
Michael and Julie Kleiner
The Chong Koehn Family
Kawai and Matt Lai
The Lane Caplow Family
Peter Hapke and Marcie Lombardi
Ken and Kathy Longfellow
Nina A. Maisterra and Percy L. Abram
Sally Velma Maxwell
Karen McCabe
Ashley O’Connor McCready and Mike McCready
The McKey Lang Family
Cecily and Dustin Metzger
Erin and James Miller
The Moon and Barbo Families
Michael and Heidi Narayan
Kate and Tom Neckel
The Neukom Family
Ken, Brenda, and Erin ’20 Ng
jillian nicks
Annelliott Willis, Jim, Hale ’23, and Jensen ’20 Nida
The O’Kelley Family
Peggy O’Neill Skinner
The Okerstrom Family
Amy and Daniel Pak
The Parrish Family
Brian and Mary-Beth Percival
Stephen and Sandy Perlbinder
The Pollock Family
Paul and Julie Pottinger
Abigail Pratt
Kathy and Kulpreet Rana
The Ratliff Family
Karen Akiyama Ressmeyer
Aaron and Hilary Richmond
Sarah and Justin Richmond
Alexander Rosen ’86 and Laurie Bernbaum Rosen
Steve ’84 and Jill Rosen
Donald and Jo Anne Rosen
Amy and Laurent Rotival
The Ruettgers Family
William* and Patricia Rush
The Sanders Family
Ian and Kirsten Sands
Christine and Eric Schoening
Ryan and Christie Schofield
Omar and Lora Shahine
The Sherley Family
Libby Singer
Sarah Smith and Katie Hester
Karen Marcotte Solimano Honorary ’20 and James Solimano
The Sorensen-Jones Family
Garth and Drella Stein
The Stephenson Family
Porter and Rachel Stroble
Peter and Diana Stroble
Rachel Thornton and Jim Armstrong
The Truchard Rothstein Family
The Vasulius Family
The Weise Family
Katharine F. Wellman
Milagros and Philip Welt
The Westhagen and Skinner Families
Keisha and Ray Wilson
The Wray Family
Andy and Judi Yates
Anonymous (4)

Alaskan Copper and Brass Company
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Boeing Company
Cambia Health Solutions
Deutsche Bank
Google, Inc.
Joshua Green Foundation
The Microsoft Corporation
The Norcliffe Foundation
Anonymous Foundation (1)

* = deceased

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$16.5M Goal

$17M Raised

May 16, 2022 New Building Opening

On May 16, 2022, K-12 students migrated up to the Upper Campus to celebrate the opening of the New Upper School Building. Following a blessing of the building from Duwamish

March 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

February was another busy month. While the city-wide concrete strike continued, the team was able to divide-up the remaining concrete work into smaller pours allowing work to continue in these

February 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

The concrete strike continued-on through the month of January, but great progress continued on the project. Inside the building, the Exxel team applied finish paint colors, rolled-out carpet, and installed

January 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

December was a busy month, despite the holidays, snow days, and on-going King County concrete strike. Metal siding and roofing finished up on the outside of the building and install