Today’s Vision for Tomorrow
Began a Century Ago

At the core of Helen Taylor Bush’s founding philosophy was her belief in experiential learning. From the start, Bush classrooms promoted creativity in all subjects to bring joy to both the student and the teacher. The earliest Bush teachers encouraged students to move about freely allowing for active learning and self-expression in a time when most students were required to sit at their desks for the majority of the day. Most importantly, Mrs. Bush asked each student and teacher to invite the outside world into the classroom.

And more than ever, Bush students benefit from a progressive education, one defined today by its leadership and faculty much as it was by Helen Bush. Bush students learn how to navigate and contribute to a now-global and complex society. They are equipped with an education that enables one to discern meaning and import from a steady flow of information and make ethical judgements and actions. Bush students gain the confidence to imagine creative solutions to complex problems and engage in discourse.

Using the concept of ‘Building as Teacher’, the New Upper School Building will reflect Bush’s values, enhance the student life experience and inspire curiosity.

“The illumination of our past should move us with energy and confidence into the future.”
- Mary “Sis” Haight Pease ‘41
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Education Master Plan

Just as new insights into the science of learning inform teaching practices, school campuses evolve over time to reflect students’ needs and a school’s strategic vision. The most recent campus improvements at The Bush School took place in 2006, with the construction of the Lower School building, Mag Gym, library, and underground parking structure, and in 2000, with the addition of Wissner Hall on the Upper Campus.

Our 2017 Education Master Plan is comprehensive and presents the next iteration of our campus, including an additional Upper School building, a new Middle School building and Center Campus, and remodeling Gracemont to address updates to the city’s policy for retrofitting masonry on historical structures.

Given the scale and integrated scope of the plan, the Board made the thoughtful decision to begin implementation and start construction of the New Upper School Building in November 2020, following the steps laid out in the Education Master Plan. One of the key drivers behind this decision was the generous philanthropic commitment of our school community.

May 16, 2022 New Building Opening

On May 16, 2022, K-12 students migrated up to the Upper Campus to celebrate the opening of the New Upper School Building. Following a blessing of the building from Duwamish

March 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

February was another busy month. While the city-wide concrete strike continued, the team was able to divide-up the remaining concrete work into smaller pours allowing work to continue in these

February 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

The concrete strike continued-on through the month of January, but great progress continued on the project. Inside the building, the Exxel team applied finish paint colors, rolled-out carpet, and installed

January 2022 Exxel Pacific Update

December was a busy month, despite the holidays, snow days, and on-going King County concrete strike. Metal siding and roofing finished up on the outside of the building and install